Reading Reflection #1

Web 2.0 was the first article that I read. What intrigued me most about this article was that it had the title of “Web 2.0,” a term that I have heard many times this past year, while studying internet marketing online. Just like the article stated that “Web 2.0” is a term thrown around a lot and not always accurately, I agreed because I could not give a precise definition to this term. I just gathered it to be a new era where the Internet is being used for all sorts of marketing techniques, never used before in the previous era. This article helped me see the many changes that the Internet went through, before coming around to the “device” that I now have incorporated into the many areas of my life.
I have never heard of the dotcom bubble burst of 2001, but just observing the chart in the beginning of the article (“Web 1.0 Web 2.0”) I could recognize so much more of the Web 2.0 features such as Wikipedia, Flickr, and blogs compared to the vague remembrance of personal websites, BritannicaOnline, and Ofoto. I know for a fact that I have been drawn to the web because of the value that other users added to it overall. I remember favoring Wikipedia over research websites because the information was more readable and more of in general (because it was being updated by more “authors” constantly). I am only recently understanding the significance of blogging to the political, social and business world, so getting a more in-depth explanation of why blogging became so popular (RSS, PageRank and participation) was good to know, as I could not understand why something so common as voicing yet another opinion on a page could get such recognition over seemingly more significant sources such as “credible” online articles and such. But the article definitely showed how blogging and other internet programs of Web 2.0 leaped ahead with “trusting users as co-developers” and sharers of information.
The “Living Web” article gave me the sense that blogging is a full-time job. With every suggestion that the author provided, I was just thinking “wow… and when do people find the time to do all of this?” but that just pointed to the fact that blogging is an art and entertainment that I have yet to learn about.
And finally, reading “Mediamorphosis,” I was reminded of the fact that people have experienced all types of communication formats and no matter what direction advances may take, people will always be fascinated by one thing: communicating with each other (in more convenient and creative ways!).

1. The “Web 2.0” article was written in 2005. How much more could be said about the services success and user participation had Facebook been part of the discussion as well?

2. “10 Tips on Writing the Living Web” talked about blogging as an every day routine. What drives people to devote so much of their precious time to sharing every day matters with a world of audience that has never met them?


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  1. Hi, Yana! Yes, blogging can be a full-time job! Great thought question on motivation.

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