Less is More In The World of Blog Design

I had the chance to get a more in depth look into the blogs of Rachel, Tara, Abigail and Alana. All of the girls complied with the classroom agreement of dark text, light background, which I guess is good (but I honestly prefer to have the more professional feel of black background and white text). Nonetheless, all of the blog designs were (for the most part) simple and centered. All four had an image header, which I think works well with the design of the blog because it works kind of like a nice centerpiece for the space; much of a blog is obviously packed with text and data, so to have a clean/enticing image at the top is very welcoming from my opinion.

I would definitely have to say that Abigail’s design worked the best, because it was very simple, soothing tones (soft green) and had clear text, without busy sidebars which made it all-around simple and inviting. On the other hand the theme that Tara chose, was less inviting for me. The header image was on the plain side, the colors didn’t work together for me, and the detailed cathedral design on both sides didn’t seem like it should have been a part of the rest of the blog theme. As well, all of the options on the side (search, navigate, categories) seemed like they were a little too bunched into the blog material (and were just as big of a font if not bigger/bolder), so that deterred me away from wanting to look at the blog material. A good contrast to this is Alana’s theme. Her blog material and side bar categories do a well job having their separate space. The side bar info is in smaller font and has a different text color, so it doesn’t feel like it gets in the way of the reading space. So I would definitely choose a more cleaner/simpler theme over this one, as it would only add. I guess the saying goes well: less is more.

All this to say that it is the blogger’s goal to provide the reader with an appealing and welcoming design, just like a person would decorate a welcoming and comfortable home to invite others into. It can create all types of moods and so it is in the blogger’s interest to create an enticing, clean, and a readable one for their reader:)



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2 responses to “Less is More In The World of Blog Design

  1. alanadg

    Hey Yana,
    I definitely agree with your blog! My blog post is similar to yours, I believe in quality is better than quantity and I’m all for simple is better. Your blog is actually one of the blogs I analyzed and I thought yours was the best out of the bunch. Like you said, less is more and I thought your blog was very neat, inviting, simple and easy-to-read. I think I’ll even use the advice you gave to improve my own blog.

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