Photography blog #2: Twilight photographer Joey L.

Joey Lawrence is a very young photographer (19?) that I heard about a couple years ago. My cousin (also a photographer) discovered him online and was very impressed with his photoshop tutorials. He was also very impressed with the fact that the photographer (then 17) could shoot and edit so well.

Well, with all this craze about Twilight and its new release New Moon, I have been informed of the fact that Joey Lawrence was the movie’s poster and promotions photographer! What a nice way to get noticed with the movie exploding as it did.

Anyways, I just  checked out his blog (because I would always only hear about him) and I was pretty impressed with what I saw; this photographer loves to travel. Apparently he loves to travel so much, that theres a whole gps widget that shows visitors where Joey is currently (Ethiopia, India, New York, or his hometown of Ontario)

Using social media to his advantage, Joey has posted YouTube videos (of himself working on the set of Twilight!), Twitter feeds, and email subscriptions as well as links such as and others. Definitely looks like its working “socially” because a lot of people are starting to hear about him and he is getting clients like Warner Brothers Records and NBC!

Ok well without further ado, here is the link to his blog and website! The blog has plenty of eye-catching material so you wont be disappointed:) Some of my personal favorites are “How to Take a Picture of a Man Standing in a Sea of Corpses” and “A Conversation with a 101 Year old Monk From Ethiopia”. His commentators mention how they love the fact that unlike many blogs they follow, his has sustenance that they can always rely on when visiting. That’s always nice, right?


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