YouTube + Non-profits

The technology I will be talking about is our well-known YouTube. Some basic information about YouTube is that it currently holds the #2 spot on search engines. To date, it has 1 million users daily. It is a social media tool that is praised for the fact that it is free and yet so, extremely effective.

I will discuss YouTube in light of the non-profit organization Charity: Water. This is an organization that was started in 2006 by Scott Harrison, who decided to have a birthday party where he would donate all his money he got to the water well charities in Africa. From there he has used all sorts of social media to raise awareness and reach up to 1 million dollars in funds and help more than 700,000 people to get access to fresh, clean water.

The YouTube video that discusses founding and process of Charity: Water can be viewed here. My presentation slides can be found here.



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4 responses to “YouTube + Non-profits

  1. lizlantz

    I enjoyed your presentation in that it left the audience with something as they walked away. Dare I call it, “inspiration?” Without sounding too corny, it really gets the point across about how the web can extend “real world” involvement. It gives me some motivation too, to make the fundraising group that I am participating in (called 365 in 365) more visible to the public. We have 25 participants this year, but who knows, next year could be ten times bigger. Charity:Water is a great reminder of the global conversation that should be occurring. So thanks, and glad our topics didn’t overlap!

  2. Liz, I also enjoyed your presentation and equally overjoyed that our topics DID NOT overlap. It probably would have been a better idea if your presentation went before mine since you were giving more an overview to YouTube capabilities whereas as mine was pretty darn specific:)

    Actually, when I picked the topic of non-profits and YouTube, I remembered you, since you were discussing about how you wanted your project to do something with your friends non-profit, 365 in 365. How involved are you with it currently? And do you find yourself providing your friend with suggestions, since were learning so much about blogging and YouTube benefits?

  3. I thought you knew the topic of your presentation well and I really liked the layout of your PowerPoint. Your presentation was interesting and enlightening and the organization you chose to use as an example was very inspiring. I really liked how they put together their videos to make you feel like you can be a part of something big by doing something small.

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