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(apologies for the tardiness of the post – discussion leader distraction!)

For my project, I will be working on my own photography website ( or something like it). I already have a photography website that was passed down to me from a family member, but unlike that one which is me managing several photographers and showing all of their work combined, this is going to be a website where I can start to build my reputation as a photographer and use it to build web presence for myself and my photography.

In order to have this all accomplished, I want to:

  1. Get a website (or a blog that functions just like a website, but has the benefits of being a blog in serarch engines).
  2. Put together a portfolio that I can then display on my website; this would include images that I have already taken as well as new images that I hope to add throughout the building process.
  3. Have a strong and effective “about me” section that allows my visitors to feel like they “know” me after going to my about page.
  4. Incorporate other tools into the site; this may include Twitter status, a link to RSS – so that my visitors can easily follow me, and a link to my Facebook (to further establish myself as “personable” to the visitors of my site/blog.

I am still doing some research on how I want this to play out practically. I know that whatever I choose to incorporate into my site should include search engine optimization as well as traffic driving techniques. Other than the design of my site, those will be the two main points I hope to focus on and experiment with (at least that is what I am hoping for, as of yet).



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2 responses to “Project: Photography Site

  1. First I would just like to say how impressive the photography website you already have is. Then I would like to suggest one possible way for you to drive traffic to the one you plan to start. Simply use the one you already have to promote the new one. Put up some links to your new one, or make a blog post about it in the blog section. I think that the people who like the work on your existing site will be very likely to check out one suggested by you. What do you think?

    • Bweiser-

      That is true. Linking up my new site with other sites is a technique to drive traffic. But it would probably be problematic if I did so. See the way my existing Photography site works is that clients get to choose which photographer will shoot their wedding. I have picked out my photographer, but I am also on the list of potential photographers. So it would cause problems when I would self promote myself on the existing site, excluding everyone else; I can’t link up their personal sites to Enlace, because the clients go through my company to get to those photographers – it would be counterproductive to provide links to those photographers and drive business away.

      Maybe a little more info than you were hoping for when you asked “what do you think?” but I hope that answered your question:) Any consecutive thoughts welcome!

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