Blogger or WordPress? Hmm…

Most of us probably know a lot more about WordPress than we do about Blogger, since our course utilizes WordPress for all blogging purposes. But what may we be missing out not experiencing the Blogger account? And in which areas is WordPress victorious over Blogger? These are the questions that I plan to address below.


First of all…

WordPress started out in 2003. Blogger launched in 1999. Although time span doesn’t say everything, since all we need is a good programmer to cover the difference in site capabilities, it does provide one advantage: blogging community. Those who have used both WordPress and Blogger, complain that although WordPress may have its clear advantages over Blogger, they do miss the online blogging community that they got to enjoy at Blogger and aren’t able to the same extent at WordPress. Keeping this in mind, let us look at what both have to offer, more specifically.

Blogger Beauty

Design-wise, Blogger wins the prize. How many times have you wished to change the color or font of something in your Theme at WordPress and after some Google searching, realized that there’s a $15 fee to be able to do that? I certainly have. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the professional and slick feel of the available WordPress theme options, but blogging has so much to do with being creative and unique, and you can’t really express that at your blog with Easy Mac WordPress themes.

Another great thing about Blogger is that you can make money using it! Since Blogger is owned by Google, it has Google Adsense capabilities that allow you to generate profit while using your blog. Not the case with WordPress. Maybe it has its own benefits with the decision, but WordPress has decided to not allow advertisements on their site. This of course makes them look more upscale and less bothersome, but it doesn’t provide its users with the benefits of having a successful blog (at least in some sense).

WordPress Wonders

Search engine optimization. May sound geeky, but it’s the advantage that WordPress has over Blogger that keeps its users happy:) Why? Because they know that by having more options with search engine optimization, their blogs can be easily found and found more often, which equals traffic. On their site they educate their users to be aware of the fact that “WordPress comes with several built in search optimization tools, including the ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling, and pinging. There are also a number of third party plugins and hacks which can be used for search engine optimization (SEO).” Some belive that since Blogger is owned by Google, then it is found more easily on Google’s search engine. But these hypotheses have been rejected. For example, whereas WordPress can have unlimited pinging, Blogger only allows for a limited amount. So bottom line, WordPress wins when it comes to search engine optimization.

All experienced bloggers are aware of the fact that although blogging may be ‘easy to use’ with Blogger, it certainly isn’t as satisfying when blogs like WordPress offer them more options. What options? Well just about everything other than customizing your theme for free. They offer more widgets, more plugins, more image storage, more organizing capabilities, and just about ‘more’ everything in terms of options. If you would like more specifics, just skim through the charts of this blog post and you will see the most recent data and the overall advantage that WordPress has when it comes to options (excluding theme customization of course).

Concluding Thoughts…

Obviously, the comparisons made above, only skim the surface. From them, we can see that users can enjoy the benefits of being more creative on blogger and making a profit while they’re at it. On the other hand, WordPress offers more options overall and can be more easily found because of their search engine optimizations. So what can we gather from this? Well, coming across this information, I have gathered that… it depends. If I were just a regular person, who wanted her blog to be able to express her more effectively and who had the option of reaping the success by opting for Adsense, then of course Blogger would be my choice.

But if I were a business, then figuring out a way where my potential customers could find their way to my site and to my product would be my greatest concern; making money with ads would not be my concern as I would worry more about my product being found. As well, I would benefit greatly from being able to optimize my site strategically in order for my potential customer to utilize everything at my site (RSS, Twitter updates, Archives, etc…).

Bottom line:

Blogger – Great for individuals who are experimenting with blogging and can even make some cash doing so.

WordPress – essential for those who want to optimize their blog strategically, particularly businesses.



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2 responses to “Blogger or WordPress? Hmm…

  1. kaarino


    Some interesting findings you have. It seems as though both blog sites have their advantages and disadvantages. I think the fate of both blogs will be left up to individual opinion. Over the next few years one blog site could completely take over the other. Look at the social nextworking sites. Before Myspace was the king and now that Facebook has taken over in popularity we are seeing the same thing with the growing popularity of Twitter.

  2. ivanvukovic

    Personally, I’ve found the interface of WordPress to be very unfriendly in terms of usability, primarily due to the way settings, themes, preferences, etc. are all scattered across the left-hand bar without any real rhyme or reason. I’ve always felt that blogger and even some more personal-based blog sites such as livejournal have always done a much better job of making custom settings far more accessible. Even after having used wordpress for an extended period of time now, I still don’t feel fully comfortable with it.

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