Discussion Leader Experience

Being the first group to go as Discussion Leaders, wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Although it was obviously a little bit intimidating to stand in front of the class initially, the role got easier as I could feel that the other students were respectful in hearing me out.

Presenting on a topic that everyone knew about also helped:) So I know that YouTube’s reputation did half the work for me in terms of interest level. I was also really glad that I could show the YouTube video with my presentation, because screen shots wouldn’t do it justice.

In terms of what I got to take from the presentation, I think the benefits are many. 1. I know that seeing the extreme effectiveness of something as casual as YouTube, will help me in the future, as I hope to start businesses and use social media tools like YouTube to create that necessary web presence. 2. I now know that if I ever want to help an organization, I shouldn’t look much farther than YouTube and I will be able to establish their credibility level, see their mission at work, and be able to know the roots of the organization’s establishment.

Also, learning about how effective Charity: Water has been in just three years, I know that this knowledge can help my friend’s non-profit (an organization that helps Afro-Brazilians in slums to gain skills and get out of a drug-stricken cycle) to gain a web presence and eventually, much needed support. His organization is almost three years old, and funding has been the #1 inhibitor of progress. How many people could know more about his organization if it was present on YouTube and not just around the Seattle area? Anyways, I am still blown away watching the YouTube video of Charity: Water and how much progress they have been able to make through simple YouTube capabilities. Whether non-profit or my own business, I know that recognizing the magnitude of support that YouTube can provide for me, will only help me in the future.



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2 responses to “Discussion Leader Experience

  1. Great job on the presentation! I found this topic very engaging, not only because I am a fan of youtube but because I was able to see how youtube helps promote various nonprofit organizations that are doing something extraordinary in helping others out!

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