Newspaper Trailers?

Wow. Newspaper trailers? The idea is completely bazaar, but to know that newspapers have already done that… very wierd.

Apart from wierd of course, it’s also something that I would assume to be successsful, because after all, multimedia is winning out. It’s just so wierd, I think, to go through all the work of compiling a video (adding to the writing, sound, detail, style, pictures) to produce a final product of just writing (and maybe some pictures). It’s clear that they understand that today’s audience (unless its their faithful Sunday readers) is into multimedia work; it’s what they are used to and it’s the next level of shock and awe for them. So to tease a 19th century product, with a 21st century medium is a little backwards for me.

Of course, I am used to media convergence by now and it’s happening around me all the time — music on YouTube, Videos on my cellphone — but I don’t know how I feel about videos with my newspaper… and that is if I actually read the newspaper:)

Regardless, it’s a catchy idea because even I would be more likely to read the newspaper article after hearing about the story, looking at the images of the victims and suspects and investing into the matter emotionally after the viewing. But it does make me wonder if newspapers will survive the media competition being as ‘ancient’ as they are. Yes, the stories will be read by more people now that there are newspaper trailers. But eventually, it seems like people will just give up on newspapers, and replace what they miss out on by going to documentaries for that and to YouTube and blogs for their information needs (because they are such easily accessible sources, and their audience an internet population).

Questions that I would want to ask after reading something like this is:

1. If newspapers continue to converge, like they display in this situation, how else are they going to try to win the attention of a younger, internet savvy population?

2. Newspapers, Radio and TV are all the more traditional media outlets. Do they have a chance to survive the internet wave (that can provide all of this for us)? And if so, how do you see them doing that?


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