Flickr User + Googlemaps = 1 Happy Photographer

So I was surfing the web in search of some ideas for my project and came across this link on a person’s Flickr site. What a find….

Not everyone may get me, but this is gold in a photographer’s world. This Flickr user basically took Googlemaps and marked out the Seattle area with the best locations to shoot pictures. With each mark on the Googlemaps, is a photograph from that user of that specific location. There are about 40 location marks, 28,000 page views and A LOT of happy raters and commenters:)

This is PERFECT for every photographer out there that may run out of ideas for where to shoot pictures for their clients. But here, you not only have a visual of how the place looks, but you even get the convenient directions to get there:)

I definitely know this will be bookmarked  on my browser for those many days when I draw a blank for where to shoot the session (or need to change up the scene from my usual favorites).

The pictures on the Googlemaps from the Flickr user are great quality too, so you should take a look at them!


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