Flickr: Making Life Easier

I got introduced to Flickr in my Spring quarter of ’08, as my Photography teacher had us all get Flickr accounts to post our work and make comments throughout the quarter. So just like WordPress is being utilized by our class, teachers take advantage of free programs/sites online (like Flickr) to incorporate into their classrooms (definitely a shift from how classes were run just 10 years ago).

Reading through the article, I came across a lot of review from what we heard from Kathy’s Flickr lecture last Wednesday, such as having the helpful “tags” features and being able to share photos. But what stood out to me and actually went hand in hand with this week’s subject matter post, was the Geotagging feature that the article talked about. Just like the Geotagging feature allows for placing photos on a map, so the Flickr user of my subject matter post did so. But instead of using Mappr or what I assume Flickr would want its users to utilize (Yahoo’s Mapquest), this user chose to work with GoogleMaps. Perhaps because GoogleMaps seems to be more popular and this user could generate more hits by working with GoogleMaps as opposed to its competitors, but none the less, great presentation.

Other than finishing it off with the 101 on premium users versus standard users, I was able to take away  some helpful info/tools for my new company’s photography blog. I am referring to the Flickr badge which allows you to show lots of photos in HTML, but also have a cooler option of Adobe Flash Player. This, I figured might be a nice way to present my photos sometimes on sites like Facebook or just embedding into my blogs for presentation in a new way, once in a while. So basically, not only will I be able to present my images with an interactive tool, but I will also be able to benefit from its marketing possibilities, as my work wouldn’t only be on my blog and website, but also on Flickr for all the faithful Yahoo! users to see.


1. What intrigues you the most out of all of the Flickr options and features and why?

2. In what ways does Flickr help you as an internet user? (And if you don’t use Flickr, which image hosting site helps you?)



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