WordPress Madness

This week has been WordPress Madness. I have been looking forward to finally installing WordPress onto a server, so that I could finally start customizing and designing my blog. Well, the Wednesday workshop was definitely something:) We were typing codes of all sorts on what seemed like  a 1980’s computer program, and after a good couple hours, we hit a dead end. Although we all went home disappointed, Kathy sent us a pleasant email of success the next day, fixing the issues and providing us all with our new logins for WordPress. Messing around with the new themes and customizations was definitely no piece of pie (definitely not as easy as the html codes that I was familiar with when I used to customize MySpace). After many unsuccessful attempts to customize my page and search for fitting themes to customize, I gave up and realized that another workshop will definitely need to take place; WordPress cutsomizations seem out of my world with the seemingly limited number of options available  (and I thought I was more or less tech savvy). At Wedneday’s workshop, I hope to mostly figure out how to use CSS and install plugins as that seems to be the only way that any form of ‘design’ can take place (other than font change). We’ll see how it goes:)


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