News Mixer: Great Idea

The “Social Media” article, although a review of much of the information we have learned so far in the course (Web 2.0, journalism changes, social media on the rise), did inform me of something I haven’t noticed in the ‘Internet world.’ This little something is referring to the “interactivity” that the news sites were trying to incorporate into the news reading one-way experience, more specifically, their search for ways to encourage activity on the visitor’s part. It must be a challenge to make a news site an enticing place for people to spend their precious time at, commenting to an anonymous audience; people have so many alternatives ways to communicate their opinions – after all, we are living in an era of Facebook use and constant Twitter updates, so why wouldn’t people carry their conversations on the sites that provide them with the community that they are used to and sites that they are faithful to?

Looking at News Mixer (haven’t heard of it before), I was genuinely impressed with ways in which it vamped up the ‘news site’ experience. It is true: people aren’t too prompted with an open-ended comment box. But with News Mixer’s categories (Q&A, Quips, and Letters to the Editor), visitors are given options (who doesn’t like options?) and are given ideas in the ways which they can respond, which allows for a likely environment that visitors will find one of the 3 ways, a desired choice of communication with the news sites. Most importantly, people can still be connecting their News Mixer experience with their familliar Facebook use, using ‘Facebook Connect’ and cross-posting. Overall, a smart idea, as sites that incorporate active visitors are the ones that will survive this hyped up social media era.


How do you feel about News Mixer? Are their capabilities something that would intrigue you and make you want to take up your time? Why or why not?

What do you think about Facebook ID? Are you in favor of the idea? Why or why not?



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2 responses to “News Mixer: Great Idea

  1. Hi Yana,
    I agree that it seems hard to try and get people to be interactive on news blogs. We have plenty of sites like Twitter and Facebook where we can communicate and talk about the news so what would encourage us to use their site as a platform? I like the point you made about “commenting to an anonymous audience.” I think this is an extremely important factor that explains why news sites are having trouble promoting interactivity. On Facebook or Twitter we talk to people that are in our networks, people that we’ve had contact with before. On news sites we are talking to the black space of the internet world.

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