Wikipedia & Delicious

These are some links I found regarding my photography blog project. Wikipedia – of course I have used before (how could I not, being a student:), but Delicious – I was using for the first time.

Although Kathy already sent out a 20 plugins for WordPress blogs, I found this one on Delicious that gave me more options steered for business blogs as opposed to general blogs. I particularly enjoyed the “contact form 7” plugin which will allow my visitors to contact me for inquiries if they’re interested in highering me. Also “All in One SEO Pack” which will allow me to go higher in search engine ranks – always good news for business blogs:)

It was more difficult to get a Wikipedia article that would relate to my topic: photography blogs. All my options were wikipedia articles on different photographers and photoshops, so the only valuable one I got was wikipedia article on WordPress:) I was able to get some information on supported themes (important since I am installing my own themes for my project). And also, multi-blogging, since that is something I might look into if my business gets bigger and I may want to capture more of an audience that way.



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2 responses to “Wikipedia & Delicious

  1. I was the same with Delicious, using it for the first time in this class. Why is that? Is it really that new or is just that we had never needed to use it before? I thought it was pretty helpful, what did you think?

  2. jtimpani, I think it’s because we haven’t found a need for it. We have Wikipedia and general search engines so Delicious is still finding its way towards us. To answer your other question, I don’t know how helpful I found it – it’s almost more clutter, reading through other people’s bookmarks, when I can find more direct information through a search engine (don’t know if that makes total sense, but you get what I mean).

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