Three Ways to Advertise for Free!

Yes, we have Facebook Advertising and GoogleAdWords to help us in client generation, but what are some free ways to use the Internet to generate clientèle? I was thinking about that recently and started surfing the web to see how I came across other photographers. Three of the most interesting ways (that cost the photographers nothing), were the following:

1. GoogleMaps: As soon as I put in Seattle Wedding Photographers, I got a map of countless photographers on the Seattle area map. Each had their own image displayed, ratings, and contact info – VERY smart.

2. YouTube videos: This was a video I came across through the Google search engine. It’s a short slideshow of a company’s senior pictures (without music). Way to use YouTube for free advertising!

3. Craigslist:  Reading Kaarin’s article, I remembered how a fellow wedding photographer started booking clients through short Craigslist ads. It’s probably not too professional if you’re getting big in the industry, but if you’re somewhat new and have great prices to offer, why not?

So far, I have only used Facebook Fan page and of course my photography blog, so I’ll definitely have to put my company on the map, make a local listing and try out some YouTube movie making!


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  1. Each of your three sites that you recommend are all very useful! I was an intern this summer and was surprised to see that even the HUGE Corporation I was working for was using Craigslist. Why not it’s free right? But I was thinking it was a bit unprofessional to see a huge corporation using a free website as Craigslist to promote their products. Is this just me or does Craigslist give off that negative vibe of unprofessionalism?

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